Mayagüez Tourist Guide

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Emblematic Places
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Massa Artisian

It had been a long time since I had eaten "Eggs Benedict". They were so rich that I even asked who made them. They were thrown away. I recommend Massa Artisian. her staff, excellent.For more information call: 1 787-652-4810

Plaza Colón

Ocean view seafood break. with some red meat on the menu. Free with your order is a fish soup and slices of bread with chunks of tomatoes, onions, and sweet peppers in a vinaigrette sauce (good!). Seafood salads, octopus or concha are our favorites.For more information call: +1 787-265-7497.

Smoke City

Excellent and quiet. Good place to dance salsa on Friday nights.For more information call the phone number: +1 787-833-7799.

Off The Wall

They value art in a way that invites the College community to contribute. The atmosphere is very cozy and they have live music. The sliders taste great and their cuisine is good, plus they have good deals on spirits and beers. It is ideal to go in a group to lower revolutions and they have Arts Tuesday. The staff are attentive and I generally don't find it too crowded. Live music if you are lucky enough that one day they present live or have open mic.

Ricomini Bakery

Excellent bakery in the center of the town of Mayagüez. Large and very well organized parking area for your clients. Safe area to share tables with the family. Excellent customer service from all employees. Excellent quality sweets or pastries price is a little high but the quality exceeds it.