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El Parque de Bombas de Ponce

It is one of the most visited places in this entire region. Hundreds of people visit it daily to learn about its history and enjoy all its exhibits.For more information you can communicate by calling: (+1) 787-840-1045.

El Jardín Japonés

It has lakes, dry rivers, a bonsai area, elevated bridges, facilities for the disabled, an area for activities with a gazebo that is in the water and many other elements that complement it for the enjoyment of all.For more information you can communicate by calling: (+1) 787-259-1775.

Museo de Arte de Ponce

It is the first museum established in Ponce, it was founded by the former governor Don Luis A. Ferre Aguayo and his wife Lorencita and it opened to the public on January 3, 1959. Today it exhibits one of the best and most complete samples in all of America. , of the Italian baroque painting and of the English school-Flaming June. For more information you can contact: (+1) 787-840-1510.

Teatro La Perla

It is the second oldest theater in use in Puerto Rico. It is located between Mayor and Cristina streets in the very center of the historic southern city. The neoclassical design of the original structure was by the Corsican architect Juan Bértoli Calderoni who directed its construction. The work was carried out thanks to the capital of the private sector and at the request of Messrs. Francisco Parra Duperón and Tomás Garriga. It was inaugurated in 1864 with the Mallorcan drama La Campana de la Amudaina.For more information you can contact: (+1) 787-843-4080

El Centro Ceremonial Indígena de Tibes

It is one of the largest and most important indigenous sites in the Caribbean islands, and it is the largest ceremonial center in Puerto Rico. The continuous occupation from Iñeri to Taíno times, the presence of large stone constructions, the presence of shells and stratified deposits, all offer the possibility of investigating some of the main underlying and theoretical problems of Caribbean archeology.For more information you can contact: (+1) 787-840-5685

La Plaza Las Delicias

It is an icon of the City, as it is home to the colorful Pump Park, Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral and the impressive Los Leones Fountain, among other points of interest and history around it. It remains the central place for village festivals and cultural activities. It is a place for family gatherings on Sundays and where most of the government and private workforce in the urban area interact with its residents.

La Colina del Vigía

It is located at the same point on the hill where the ancient Spanish inhabitants guarded the ships and boats that arrived at the port of the city, and thus recognize where it came from, or if it was an invader or pirate. This cross houses a tourism center at its base, a 10-story tower, and a horizontal viewpoint that offers visitors a panoramic view of the city of Ponce and the Caribbean Sea. Visitors can reach this point via an elevator or stairs.

El Museo de la Música Puertorriqueña

is a museum in Ponce, Puerto Rico that shows the development of Puerto Rican music, with exhibits of Taíno, Spanish and African musical instruments that were played in the romantic dance genre, the favorite music of the 19th century.For more information you can contact: (+1) 787-290-6617.

Castillo Serrallés

a museum of the sugar industry located in an imposing mansion overlooking the center of the city of Ponce, with a spectacular panoramic perspective of the entire coast. Built in the 1920s by a wealthy family that owns the local rum distillery.For more information you can communicate by dialing: (+1) 787-259-1775.

Panteón Nacional Román Baldorioty de Castro

founded in 1842, as the first and only national pantheon of Puerto Rico. It is the only cemetery with a museum dedicated to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Before being dedicated as the National Pantheon, it was known as the Old Cemetery or Old Ponce Cemetery, and it appears with that name in the United States National Register of Historic Places.For more information you can contact us by calling: (+1) 787-284-4141 ext. 456